There's no better way for your brand to find its voice than by being at the centre of the tavern culture. Apart from the fact that JukeBox Media puts your message right in the ear of a respective audience, it is also:
  • Unique and innovative - there is no other medium like it, and it provides a novel, engaging way for your brand to get noticed and your offer taken up
  • A very affordable way to reach high traffic locations
  • Targeted at the economically active
  • Mass reach and high impact - with venues throughout the country, JukeBox Media is able to deliver a combination of mass reach and geographically targeted campaigns
  • Focused - you can customise your message for the local community making it more relevant through content, language, slang, etc.
  • Uncluttered - there is no competitive advertising in this space
  • Social - JukeBox Media is a powerful vehicle that creates Word Of Mouth buzz for your brand
  • Gives Back - up to 35% of total revenue goes directly to the venue operators and owners, which means your ad spend benefits the community directly