JukeBox Media puts your brand in the middle of a crowd of people having fun in their local tavern.

Very simply, patrons put their money in the jukebox, select and wait for their favourite song to come on. While people are in this highly receptive state, your ad comes on and people who are intently focused on listening hear your message.

What makes the kind of awareness your brand gets from JukeBox Media even more effective is the fact that we limit the number of advertisers per jukebox to 4, giving your ad maximum penetration.

JukeBox Media has its own unique rhythm
  • Concentrated exposure - one, 30 second advert will play after every 4-5 songs
    (+- every 20min). Adverts are even played during downtime.
  • A maximum of 4 advertisers will be permitted to advertise at any given time on each jukebox. (Exclusivity in each category will also be guaranteed).
  • This means that each advertiser will receive exposure twice every hour and a half.
  • Measurable - JukeBox Media will provide you with comprehensive monthly reports confirming the frequency of your advertising.
JukeBox Media is simply the sound of your ad spend working hard!